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Rakiplerin Backlinklerini listeleyen ve sizlerin de kullanabileceği bir çok Listeyi bulabilirsiniz.

Bunun için semrush yada Alexa aracını kullanarak sizin en büyük rakibinizi incelemenize yarar. Yararlı ve gerçek zamanlı bir algoritma sayesinde hızlı bir şekilde tarama yaparak sonuca ulaşabilirsiniz. A well structured, well linked site helps search engine crawlers cover your site more completely. Search engine crawlers tend to start by visiting the most popular pages on the web, then following the links on those pages to discover other pages. They may not find those that are deeply nested, have no links at all, or are reached through multiple redirects.

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  1.  Give important pages unique titles. See Duplicate Title Tags.
  2.  Shorten page titles to 65 characters or fewer. See Long Title Tags.
  3.  Add links to hard-to-find pages. See Reachability.
  4.  Replace redirects with direct links or reconfigure server. See Redirects.
  5.  Replace generic anchor text. See Anchor Text.
  6.  Improve error page. See Page Not Found.
  7.  Give each page a unique meta description. See Duplicate Meta Description.
  8.  Consider keywords for advertising campaigns. See Search Engine Marketing.
  9.  Add on-site links to important pages. See On-Site Links.
  10.  Add text content to important pages. See Low Word Count.
  11.  Add descriptions to images. See Image Descriptions.
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